Trusting what you can't see

Trusting in what you can’t see. It’s hard. It’s very hard. When you don’t what know the future looks like, you find it hard to trust the future to be good. You find it hard to believe that tomorrow will be as good as or better than yesterday.

But in the end, doesn’t it almost always end up working out? The worst case scenario almost never happens, and life continues on as usual. But still we doubt. We endlessly doubt.

It’s time to start trusting again.

When you trust, your destiny partners with that trust and the universe works on your behalf to bring about the right outcome.

The ones who trust live more peaceful lives. More exciting lives. The brave and the bold can trust in what they have yet to see, because they know that trust is usually rewarded in the end.

Sometimes, our trust fails us. But that’s okay, because we must still trust. Always trust.