Don't Listen to Yourself

It's funny how we think the world will end if a situation in our lives doesn't work out. How we’ll be living in a cardboard box under the bridge for the rest of our lives if we mess up. Funny how fear and doubt blow a situation up to be ten times bigger than it is in reality.

Fear loves seeing you fail.

But that’s fear’s job. It exists to make the little bump in the road into a mountain in front of us. It’s sole purpose is to stop us in our tracks, or at least slow us down. It lives for ruining our dreams, ambitions, and plans. It loves to see us trip and fall. It takes pleasure when we fail.

But fear is a lie. It whispers in our ear, “You can’t do this. You’re not strong enough. You don’t matter.”

And if we’re honest, it usually works. How often do we listen to that little voice inside as if it was telling the truth? In the pursuit of greatness, how many times have we returned to the road to mediocrity because of that stupid voice? Don’t listen to that voice. Shut it down.

Your inner voice hates seeing you succeed.

70% of self-talk is negative. Don’t listen to it. It’s a lie. It wants you to fail. It wants you to shrink back from every challenge and return to being average and mediocre. It hates seeing you succeed.

And even if you fight back against that voice, even if you succeed or accomplish a big goal, still your voice screams at you. “So what?! What you just accomplished was easy. Anyone could do that! You’re just a nobody. In fact, you’re a fake. You’ll never be anyone.”

It's time to fight back.

It’s time to fight back against your inner voice. Look him in the eye, and give him a good kick in the ass. Punch fear in the face. You can win this fight.

You’ve got what it takes. You CAN do this. You are strong enough. Now go out and make something happen.