Why You Must Put Yourself Out There

Have you ever made something? Perhaps it was an art piece you painted, or possibly a poem that you wrote, or maybe a picture you’ve taken. It may have been almost anything. And did you then show that thing you created to someone else?

Most people are so scared of sharing something they have created with other people, that they never share it. Because there is a possibility that they will be rejected, and they let that possibility turn into an impossibility, and then they never do anything about it. Which is such a shame.

That’s fear speaking, and you can't let fear dictate your life anymore.

Because we need you.

We need what you have to give! Take this as your permission slip to start doing that.

No matter what you do, whether it’s writing, or building things, or creating art, whatever it may be that you do, please share it with us. We need what you have.

Yes, there will be those who criticize what you make. There may be even be some who will hate you for what you create. But create anyways. Your worth isn’t tied to what you make, but who you are. Never let the fear of haters allow you to hold back what you have.

For me, I take pictures and write stories. That’s what I do, and I’m sharing that with anyone who wants to take a peek. But even if nobody likes what I make, that’s certainly not stopping me. I’m going to create anyways. I’m not creating for external validation, but simply because I feel that I must create, and after I create something I move on to the next idea.

Go ahead, create.

I publish each of these blogs, then I immediately move on to the next one. I try not to dwell on what I’ve made (I still do often), and instead, try to seek out the next thing I feel I’m called to work on. Honestly, most times I don’t do that thing, because of fear, doubt, uncertainty, laziness, or whatever, but I’m always, always glad when I do.

It's your responsibility to put yourself out there. Don’t listen to that voice in your head any longer. You were meant to share what you have created with other people. Don’t hold back any longer. Go ahead, create. Do it.

We need you.