3 reasons why everyone needs to be a writer

Putting your thoughts down in a tangible way is one of the most helpful ways to process life. Here are 3 reasons why you need to start writing today:

1. It removes the clutter.

Whenever you put what’s inside your head onto a piece of paper (or a screen), you remove the clutter and clear space for new thoughts, ideas, dreams. You allow yourself some space to let go of what’s been on your mind, and to focus on new and different things. You give yourself some breathing room.

2. You leave a record of your past self.

Even more importantly, you provide yourself a memento to look back on. A sort of growth chart that documents all the thoughts, ideas, struggles, and joys you experienced at the time of the writing. You can see what areas you’ve grown in, how you’ve changed, how you think differently. And for me, I like that blogging allows me to put my core beliefs and values out there to the world for anyone to see and take note of.

I like to think of my blog as a journal. A journal that anyone can read, and that is always accessible and will remain as such maybe forever. I like that I can, at any point in time, take a look back on my older posts and remember that season of life and how I’ve changed. How I’ve grown.

Sometimes I don’t agree with what I said back then. Often I’m embarrassed by things that I’ve written. But always, I’m glad that I wrote those words, those paragraphs, those stories.

3. I make myself better (and maybe others, too).

I write for myself. Even if no one else ever lays eyes on any words that I write, I can know that they’ve helped me more than anyone, although I pray to God that someone else reads some of my words, and thinks, “Oh my gosh, someone else thinks like that too?!”

If that happens, I know I’ve changed someone. And if I can change just one person, or help somebody out in some small way, then I have succeeded in achieving my goal.

Writing is just you sharing your experiences and your views on life, and hoping to God that someone reads it and goes, “I know exactly what you’re talking about.”
— Joe McKay

And my goal is to change people. That when people read what I’ve written, it resonates with something deep inside them and they think to themselves, “He gets me. I’m not alone.”

And if I reach a great many people in my lifetime, all the better. But the person I care about changing most of all is me.

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