The #1 Secret Successful People Use to Their Advantage

Dreaming is glorified in today’s society. We champion the dreamers, and even idolize them.

And dreaming is amazing. We need to dream, and we need to dream more. But most people stop there. All they do is dream, and then they never go out and make them a reality. Which is a tragedy. In a culture of dreamers, we have far too few doers.

So how do we start to do more and procrastinate less? Here are 3 practical steps that have worked for me, and I strongly believe they'll work for you as well.

1. Have a vision.

We need to have a vision for our life. It doesn’t have to be terribly detailed or carefully planned out, but we need a general vision for our future, the more thorough the better.

This vision will help us see what steps we need to take to achieve the vision. It will motivate us on the days when we don’t really feel like doing anything. And it provides a centering force to keep us on track and doing only what is necessary for the vision to be fulfilled.

2. Use the fear.

Admit that you are afraid. Afraid of failing, afraid of looking like a fool, afraid of being an impostor, a fake. You can’t defeat something that you don’t acknowledge to exist.

Make a list of everything that could go wrong if you take action, describing it in painstaking detail. Laugh at how ridiculous you’re most likely being. Then make another list of everything that could go wrong if you don’t take action.

3. Take that leap.

Sometimes, there is no formula.

Sometimes, you just need to start.

Sometimes, you need to leap.

Nobody really knows what they're doing in the beginning anyway, and that's okay. We just have to do it.

It’s really that simple. We learn by doing, not by learning to do. So start. Start today. You may never see tomorrow, so today is your time.

But whatever you do, don't procrastinate. Start NOW.

There is no time to waste.

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