Why I HATE the humble brag, and why we should brag more

I'm going to over-emphasize what I'm going to say in order to get the point across. I’m a very passionate person, and I truly hate this on-going trend. For the longest time I bought into the cultural lie of, if I just play it cool and keep my emotions in check, I might not look like a fool. But this is a lie.

This goes against human nature.

We long to fully express ourselves. To let out what is inside, waiting to be released into the world. But the longing to fit in has lead to a different form of expression, most commonly referred to as “humble-bragging.”

It's time that we stopped flaunting our ego under the guise of humility.

At its core, humble bragging is nothing more than fear or shame masquerading as humility. Often it shows that we are afraid of getting really excited out of fear. Fear that others will look at us differently if we are loud about something. Fear of standing out in this culture of humble braggers and “keep-it-cool” people. Fear of being weird or different.

Today, the cool thing to do is just play it cool. But that's NOT cool anymore. We don't know how to get excited anymore, because we’re afraid of being judged for it.

We need to start bragging a little bit more.

Don't be afraid of being excited. Don't be afraid to shout it out to the world. Don't be afraid to tell everyone about that amazing thing that just happened in your life.

We need to start bragging a little bit more. If you're really excited about something in your life, please, LET THE WORLD KNOW! Don't hide it. Don't act like it's not a big deal. Pull out the double (or even triple) exclamation marks. If it's a big deal, let us know! Shout it out.

And when we brag, let's make it clear that we are really bragging. Shout it to the world, don't hold back. If you have something to brag about, just do it. Don't try to play it cool and go with a “humble” brag; that comes across as inauthentic and egotistical.

When your ego gets in the way, it's time to stop.

But equally important, we must know when to be humble. There is a fine art to balancing when to be truly humble, and when to brag. And we must learn this balance. There are times for humility, and there are times for shouting at the top of your lungs. Do both, but make sure that they are separate. What you have to say is important, but when your ego gets in the way, it's time to stop.

Now is the time to stop humble bragging, and to start truly expressing ourselves in the most authentic and personal way that we know how. Time to be your truest self. Time to gain the maturity required to know when to be humble, and when to brag a little. And get excited, because life is awesome!!

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