3 Hope-Filled Reasons To Never Ever Give Up On Life

Japheth Mast | Writer, Photographer, and Encourager

For a while now, and especially lately, I’ve felt that my life journey, my purpose, and my calling is to provide hope. One picture, and one word at a time. To encourage and bring hope to situations where there is desperate need of hope. To provide a positive and optimistic voice in the middle of a cynical and negative world that tries to drown out hope.

And today, it feels like a lot of us are searching for Hope.

We all have those times when it feels like all options have been exhausted, and you have nothing left to give. When you feel like throwing in the towel at the end of the day. When you want to give up, because life is messy and complicated. But I'm here to tell you that there is always hope.

No matter how bad life may seem,  you can overcome your situation and rise above. Even when the future looks bleak, murky, and hopeless, know that all is not lost. Take a deep breath, you got this.

Here are 3 hopeful and hope-filled truths for when you need a reminder of what you are capable of

1. An amazing life is a choice.

“I choose to” is the difference between a good day or a bad day, and an average life or a great one.

I always say that it’s a choice whether or not we have good or bad days. Here is a simple example:

It seems like most people hate Mondays. Popular culture detests them, and lives instead for the weekends. But this doesn't have to be the reality we live in.

Because an amazing life is a CHOICE.

I choose to enjoy my Mondays (and every other day of the week as well). It's saying, "I choose to love Mondays, because I am a powerful person and only I control my happiness." Whatever culture and the outside worlds says is true, doesn't affect what's on the inside of me. Only I control myself. Only you control your attitude.

Michael Hyatt once said that if someone asks him how he’s doing, he always responds with “I’m doing great!” even if he isn’t doing that great. Just the simple act of declaring what you know is true, can change how you are physically feeling. And this new perspective can change your life.

Only you control your attitude.

Time and time again, when studying and learning from massively successful, loved, and brilliant people, the common thread I've discovered among each and every one is their ability to declare and live out, no matter the circumstance, "I choose to."

Today, choose to be a powerful person and make powerful choices that will change your life for the better.

2. It’s never too late to start.

When you feel like giving up, don’t. You can do this. There is always better around the corner.

This is a truth you can't escape. If you're young, use that to your advantage, but being old has many advantages that myself and other young people won't have for a while. No matter if you’re 15 or 65, it’s never too late to begin working on your life. Whatever season of life you’re in right now, you can always create a better today and tomorrow for yourself.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and there’s no better time than the present to make life awesome.

Today is the day to start that blog. (Learn how here.) My dad, who is in his 40's, just started a blog. All it takes is one small decision, and one choice. Are you ready to do this?

Start that business. Ask her out. Improve your skills by reading a book or 10 on personal development. Run 3 miles in the morning. (Note: I just started doing this, and it hurts...) Stop watching TV at night. Eat healthier.

Even if you can’t see your way through right now, just know that there is always hope. Keep looking up. There is a path you can follow, and an awesome life is awaiting you.

3. Your life matters.

Recognize that your life really matters. Until you truly believe this truth, you'll be fighting against yourself. Self-sabotage is real, and it can keep you from your calling and fulfilling your purpose.

You must believe that you are enough. It's that simple. And that complicated. It takes courage, strength, and grace for yourself. Know that you have got what it takes to be awesome and to create an amazing future. That you are capable and adequate of doing incredible things. These are truths that can't be taken away from you, ever.

Powerful people choose their attitude, and their destiny.

So cling to these truths, don't let go. Hope waits for you.

Keep fighting, friends. Hope is alive. You got this.

Practical Next Steps

Practice being powerful. This may look like giving up a certain food that is hurting your health, or maybe it's developing an exercise plan and sticking to it, or it could be cutting out toxic people from your life. Whatever powerful looks like for you, know that you control your attitude, and your life. Only you. Powerful is your choice.

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Remember, life is short, make it awesome.