4 Encouraging Truths to Cling to When You’re Feeling Hopeless

Life can drag us down if we let it. It will try to break us if we let it. It will bring us to our knees, face-down on the floor if we let it.

The adage of “life isn’t always fair” rings true. But I believe that many of us have used phrases like that to shape our worldview in a harmful way that is stripping us of our identity.

We become pessimistic and self-focused because life is NEVER fair to us. At least, that’s how we think. But it’s not true.

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Sure, it may seem like we always get the short end of the stick and end up on the bottom of the pile. But if we have an “oh, poor me” poverty mindset, things will always be happening to us instead of for us, because that’s the lens that we are looking through.

What’s that phrase about attitude that you’re probably tired of hearing me say? “We don’t always get to choose what happens to us, but we always get to choose what happens in us.”

Life’s too precious and fragile to live a lifestyle of lack, depression, and poverty. We’re all going to die soon, let’s not waste the short amount of time we have left on complaining.

If you’ve lost hope, have sunk into depression, or just need some encouragement to cling to, here are four reasons to not let go and keep on fighting the good fight.

1. You are loved

This is going to be extremely hard to believe for many of you. All your life you’ve believed the lie that you are not loved unless you are perfect.

All your life you've believed that you're worthless. That you don't matter. That you're invisible.


This is, of course, bullshit.

These are the lies that the world sells to us every single day. Over and over again, they try to convince us to hate ourselves, that self-hatred will solve our problems. 

You don’t need to earn love. This isn’t something that you can work for. This is something that you can freely receive.

Love yourself today. It's the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Believe that you are worthy of love, and  you will start to live like you are worthy of love.

Because you are.

2. You have a great destiny

You are destined for greatness. You have a great and beautiful destiny ahead of you.

No matter what’s been spoken into your life: if you parents didn’t believe in you, or if your teachers thought you were stupid, or if culture taught you that your life doesn't matter, those things don’t get to affect your future.

You are powerful, and you make good decisions.

You are called to greatness. From this day forward, you are no longer allowed to stay small and hide from greatness. No more hiding.

Your destiny is too great to be ashamed of. Keep leaning in to what makes you come alive. Keep going after your calling. It's too great to sit passively on the sidelines. Get in the game.

3. You are unique

You are different from every single person who has ever lived and who will ever live. You are totally unique, and that is awesome.

There is no other Japheth in the world, and there is no other you in the world. Embrace that truth.

You are the only you that has ever existed!

Start to love yourself for who you are. Love yourself in your mess. In all the stupid mistakes and failures you are making, love yourself there.

Embrace your weirdness. Embrace your differences. You were created exactly how you were made to be created. 

There is no other you. Stop trying to be anyone else, and just be frickin' you!

When you hide who you are, nobody will ever be able to love the real you.

4. You are good

You are not bad. There is not anything wrong with you.

But shame will try to tell you that you're bad. That you are broken. That there is something deeply wrong and screwed up about you. That you are a mistake.

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But F Shame. Shame wants to destroy love. Shame doesn't want you to win.

Kick shame in the face. Fight back against the lies that are trying to steal you away from the present moment. 

Anytime you live apart from the present, you live divorced from who you are.

Live in the grace for today. Know that you are good and whole and healthy. Remember, you become what you believe.

Even if it feels totally contradictory to what you see or feel, start to believe that you are good and whole and healthy and healed. Your outer reality changes as a result of your inner beliefs.

Transformation happens when we believe that we are worthy of the transformation. Believe my friend.

Practical Next Steps

Consider what practical resources you have available to you to help you on your journey to healing and wholeness. Do you need to see a counselor? Get connected to a local church group? Read some books? Change your friend group? 

Think this through. Email me if you need help (hello@japhethmast.com). I know some incredible, trustworthy counselors that could help you change your life.

Consider sharing this article with a friend who needs to hear these words. Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Remember, life is short; make it awesome.