4 Steps to Creating The Life of Your Dreams

“The life of my dreams”

That sounds like a fantasy. Like it’s too good to be true. On the verge of blasphemous. Totally ridiculous.

But I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that creating the life of my dreams is possible.

And more so today than ever before. We have access to so many incredible tools and processes to help us on our journey to creating an awesome life. But it can be incredibly difficult to know where to turn when we have so many good options. The feeling of overwhelm is something I have experienced many times over this past year as I’ve been working on building the life that is true to me.

So let me simplify the journey for you. I have studied, learned from, and followed the advice of many, many brilliant and exceptional leaders who know what works and what doesn’t. They have been in the trenches. They have failed, but ultimately succeeded because they followed the right steps. They have fought the battle, and they have won.

Why not learn from the smartest minds in the world?

Last week, I challenged you to ask yourself 2 critical questions to help you get started on the road to awesome (read that HERE), and today I’ve compiled a very small list of 4 simple steps to help you start living that journey out. I didn’t come up with any of these steps, but I have simply transferred what I’ve learned on my own journey to awesome, and with the help of many successful minds who have proven that this process works.

Here are 4 steps to help you get started on creating the life of your dreams

1. Put your life on paper

We need to be clear on what we want our lives to look like, because success is never an accident. It doesn't need to be perfect right now, and in fact, it likely won't be. But we need to write down what is in our minds right now.

Get your goals on paper. Today. This is almost deceivingly simple, but incredibly powerful. There is something about making your goals tangible that makes them that much more likely to be achieved. Your goals will change, but at least write down what you want to achieve today to get you started in the right direction.

A simple act of faith can change everything.

Write down your desires and dreams. The crazy pipe dreams and wild hopes. That celebrity you want to have dinner with. Your future spouse. Write it all down. Leave nothing off.

Even the thing that you think has no chance of ever happening, put it down. You never know what this simple act of faith will bring about.

2. Get a mentor

This may be the most powerful thing we can do today to get us started on creating a life worth talking about.

I'll admit, I haven't been as disciplined as I need to be on this. I have an amazing mentor, but often take it for granted.

But the bottom line is this: a mentor can  exponentially accelerate our growth. They can give us the shortcuts we need, and help us with our blind spots and weaknesses.

A mentorship needs to happen organically. The ideal candidate is at least 10-20 years older than you, and is where you want to be in life and doing what you want to do, or at least, in a similar place. Ask as many questions as you can. Let them guide you and teach you. Always be open to critique or positive criticism, as this is the key to incredible growth and maturity. Without a mentor, we dramatically lower our chances for success.

3. Be consistent in the little things

Think of where you want to go with this life, what you want to be doing in 15 years, and the influence you want to have. And then do something very small every day that will help you achieve that vision. Be intentional to make it very small, and very simple so that you can do it every day without growing tired of it.

But if you can't be consistent, you won't get what you want.

Consistency means doing something in a disciplined way, over and over again that builds over time to get the results you desire. For me, I do several things. Every night, I write an Instagram post on creating an awesome life. And every week, I write this blog. Every Monday, my audience knows that I will have a new article out, without fail. It's this consistency that creates success.

The question is, what are you doing on a regular basis that will help you create the life of your dreams?

4. Create habits and routines

This might be the most difficult of all the steps to walk out. Because it requires a discipline that few are willing to shoulder.

Habits and routines are a beautiful thing. They enable us to live to our full potential by taking the difficult task of thinking too much out of the equation. Decision making takes so much discipline, and we have a limited amount of discipline each day. When it runs out, any tasks or decisions that require any thinking become so much more difficult to accomplish.

Create habits that will make you successful.

What time do you wake up? If you don't wake at the same time every day, you are tremendously hurting your chances for success. This means weekends and holidays especially. For a reference point, I get up at 7:00 AM every day without fail, almost never sleeping in unless my health is at risk because of a lack of sleep.

What time do you go to bed? What do you do before you go to bed? What do you do right after you get up in the morning? What do you eat in the morning?

The answers to all these questions will depend on who you are, but they should all point back to aiding your success, not hurting it. Carefully consider the habits and routines you've created. Are they helping or hurting you?

Changing bad habits and creating good ones is not easy. It's hard. But if you can do it, the benefits are life changing.

Practical Next Steps

Write down what you want to see in your life for the next 5-25 years. Write it on real paper, with a real pen or pencil.

Start looking for a mentor. This is a process that can't be forced, but keep your eyes and ears open, and an opportunity will come along and you'll know what to do.

Find something small that you can start doing on a consistent basis to build for the future. Create good habits and routines, and practice being disciplined even when it hurts.

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Remember, life is short. Make it awesome.