6 Humbling Reasons To Be More Thankful Today


Fall is here again, and with it, all the things that fall brings. The chilly mornings, the changing colors of the leaves, the coffee shops everywhere screaming “Pumpkin Spice Latte!” But maybe the most important of them all, a reminder of thankfulness.

I’ve been thinking about thankfulness and gratitude a lot, and I think this quote sums it all up.

“Maybe the whole point of life is to be thankful for it, and to live in such a way that others are thankful for theirs as well.”

Because gratitude changes everything. Being content with what you have, even if it's not much, will set you up to have the same mindset for when you do have a lot. And if you can do that, you're unstoppable. 

When I was younger, I would complain about lots of different things, and Mom or Dad would always gently remind me to be thankful. They would remind me that there are so many people who are content with so much less than we have. So many would die just to have what we have right now. 

We never, ever have a right to be unthankful.

So here is a challenge to me, to you, and to anyone who desires to live a true life of generosity and gratitude; be content. Be thankful. Be grateful. It's always the right choice.

With that in mind, here are six simple reasons to be more thankful today

1. Thankfulness kills depression.

Whenever you're feeling down, depressed, or hopeless, practice gratitude. It never fails. Because no matter how down we feel, how low we go, being thankful brings out the truth of who we are. And in that truth, there is a hope.

There is a beautiful hope that is hidden in you, and it is just waiting on you to unveil it, to unearth it and let it loose in your life to work its magic.

2. Thankful people are attractive - they attract other thankful people.

When you have a choice between talking to a depressed person, or a positive, uplifting, and thankful person, who would you choose?

Enough said. But, there is something about people who practice and express gratitude. We want to be around them, they draw us in. We want to become like them. Thankful people are attractive, and they attract others to that thing inside that chooses to be grateful, no matter the circumstances in their life.

3. Anxiety, stress, and fear cannot co-exist with gratitude.

Whenever I'm feeling really anxious or stressed out or afraid, there is one thing I know that will pull me out of the anxiety. Practicing gratitude. 

Because anxiety, stress, fear, and insecurities cannot co-exist with gratitude and a thankful heart. It's not possible. So the next time you feel that weight of anxiety in your stomach, or the queasy feeling that stress brings with it, practice gratitude. Think of, or say out loud, 5 things that you are grateful for in that moment. Small things, big things, it doesn't matter. But make them specific. And watch the anxiety and stress leave your body.

4. Gratitude attracts good things

Much like #2 explains, gratitude attracts good things. It's the law of attraction. Practicing being grateful, expressing the good things in your life, and more good things will naturally come into your life.

What we focus on grows, so it's up to you and I to choose what we focus on. We can focus on everything that's going wrong - and attract more bad things - or we can focus on everything that has gone right, and the good things that are happening - and we'll attract more good things.

5. Thankfulness gives you back your power.

When we complain, when we whine, when we talk about everything that's wrong with our life, we give away the power to control our own destiny, to steer our own ship. We lose our voice, our say over our life, and we give it over to negativity, to fear, and to cynicism. But thankfulness gives us back that power.

When we express what we are thankful for, we take back the power we have given away, and we regain our ability to affect and change our life. It's letting go of the victim and poverty mentality, and taking up the abundance, prosperity mindset. Gratitude is power.

6. Grateful people are happier!

This is something I say all the time: it's impossible to be pissed off and grateful at the same time! Because it's true. When you're content with where you're at, you can't help but to be positive and uplifting. Give gratitude a try; it will change your life.

There's always time to be thankful. I'm glad that thankfulness always wins over anxiety, over stress, over negativity.

Choose to be thankful today.

Practical Next Steps

Start a practice of gratitude. Every morning or night - whichever works best for your routine - express 3 or 5 things you're grateful for in your life. Something that happened that day, or just something random you think about. Make it a habit, and soon you'll find your life will be more positive and you will start experiencing an overflow of good things coming to you.

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