“Accepting Me” - Spoken Word

This is a little spoken word piece that I wrote. I'm going to read it to you. Let's go. Enjoy the video below. It's called "Accepting Me."

My worth: how did I not see it? I'm lovable, desirable, valuable: how did I miss it? I'm attractive, wanted: how did I not see it?

Years of lies, the wrong stories I told myself, buried underneath layers and layers of self-hatred and shame. That's why.

That's why.

Trapped in the dark web of believing that I'm not enough, and never will be. Stuck under a mountain of "you suck." But now, but now. I see the light.

Truth illuminated, lies shattered, love accepted. Love, accepted?

I never thought I didn't know how to receive love, that I couldn't receive love. But Oh, how free, how free I am! A Whole New World in front of me, limitless possibilities.

This love that I now see, I now receive, it's changing me. Oh, how free!

But let me tell you. There are four words that scared me to death, four words I never thought I could tell myself without lying through my teeth.

But today, I do say them to myself. I can say them to myself, and I believe them.

These four words:

Japheth, I love you.

There are five more words, maybe even more terrifying to repeat. But I say them with unstoppable belief, and I hope you do too. With these five words nothing can stop me:

Japheth, I like you, too.

Accepting Me Spoken Word by Japheth Mast | Make Life Awesome