Ten Reality-Shifting Affirmations that will Change Your Life

So many of us let negativity take control of our minds and run our lives. We open ourselves up to all the information, opinions, and harsh noise that is everywhere. This results in mass confusion and chaos first in our minds, and then it makes its way into our lives.

Because most things in life are not important, and only the very few things that are should be given room in our lives. Most of us are giving too much room to the noise, to the negativity, to the trash. We need to stop listening to that, and start listening to the truth.

What we believe is who we become. We can change what we believe, thus we can change how we live. And the first step in changing our beliefs is changing our thinking.

The negative self-talk we go through every day is stunning, but it’s time to flip the script. It’s time to speak truth about our lives and about who we are. It's time to reverse the victim, poverty mentality we've been holding onto, and replace that with a life-giving, abundance and wealth mindset.

Here are ten reality-shifting affirmations that you can say over yourself to change your thinking, your beliefs, and your life.


I am ridiculously in charge of my dreams.


I am responsible for my life.


I have what it takes to have an awesome life.


I am enough.


I will put in the hard work to make my dreams become reality.


I have permission to dream really big.


I am important, and I was born for greatness.


I have a unique purpose that I was put on this planet for.


I am born to win.


I have the power to make powerful choices to take charge of my actions, and therefore, my life.


Download and print these affirmations.


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Practical Next Steps

Print out the featured sheet of affirmations. Declare the affirmations, daily. Out loud. (Really) This is really scary, because it means that it's up to us to make an awesome life. It's up to me and you to put in the hard work it takes to build our dreams and make them come to life. Complete responsibility. No excuses. You're in charge. You make the calls.

We get to be in charge. Time to get to work friends.

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