Celebrating Yourself is The Key to Killing Shame

Celebrate yourself.

Celebrate every little win in your day-to-day life.

This is the path to murdering shame, stabbing it in the face, and burying it in the backyard. This is the path to freedom. This is the path knowing who you are.

Celebrating Yourself is The Key to Killing Shame | Japheth Mast Blog

You have permission to be proud of yourself. You have permission to notice when you react to a problem in a healthier way than the last time you encountered that problem and then celebrate yourself.

Shame is a constant nagging voice that says, “You’re not doing enough,” “You shouldn’t have done that,” You’re stupid,” “Why can’t you change?” “You’ll never be good enough,” “You’re a total failure.”

When shame rears it’s stupid head, pause, get pissed off, command it to get the hell out of your head, and then tell yourself the truth about the situation.

Don’t give shame any room in your life. It must be immediately addressed.

Shame will lie about who you are. It’s a dirty thief. You have a right to get pissed off at it. Cuss it out if you have to.

But whatever you do, don’t agree with it. Agreeing with shame gives it the power to control your thoughts and emotions, and whatever controls your thoughts and emotions controls your beliefs, which controls your actions. And your actions make up your life.

Practical Next Steps

Celebrate yourself today. Seriously.

Don’t mess around. Pat yourself on the back. Call a friend and tell them how awesome you are. This week, consciously celebrate yourself as often as you can, and make yourself boss over shame.

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Japheth Mast, Emotional Health Blogger


Japheth is an ex-Amish writer, photographer, and professional encourager. He currently resides in northern California, where he is learning how to make life awesome and enjoy it more every day.