3 Brilliant Reasons to Believe that Everyone Is Creative


Imagine a world with no creativity. What would that look and feel like? Austere, lifeless, without color, without depth.

And not just creativity in the way of art, but creativity as in a plumber, an architect, a parent, and a military sergeant. These are all very different expressions of creativity, but without creativity, these vocations have no value.

The truth is this: We are all creatives by nature of being, but will we choose to embrace this truth about ourselves?

Here are 3 truths about creativity that will make you think twice the next time you want to say, “But I’m not creative...”

1. You are creative.

"If you’re alive, you’re a creative person." - Liz Gilbert

This is the plain and simple truth, and we must embrace it. Human beings are the highest form of creativity. It is inescapable, woven intricately into our DNA. As much as we try to run from creativity, it will always find us again. It is within us, as much a part of you and I as the breath in our lungs, and the wind whistling through the trees.

What does creativity look like? To make something out of nothing. To create beauty where there was once ugly. To transform deepest pain and heartache into a work of art that transforms lives. Creativity is our interaction with inspiration, wonder, and beauty. We are all capable of this. 

So the next time you start thinking, "But I'm not that creative," stop. You are creative!

2. It is your responsibility to create.

We are born to create. It is within every human being that ever lived, and every human being that ever will live. It's a longing that can't be quenched.

In creating, we come alive.

It's your responsibility to create and put yourself out there. Don’t listen to that voice in your head any longer. You were meant to share what you have created with other people. At the very core of our being we all have this insatiable desire to create. And create we must.

Don’t hold back any longer.

Because the world needs what you have to give. For some, it's making art, others it's cooking, some it's building houses, and for yet others it is putting pen to paper. Whatever your version of creativity looks like, start today. It might change the world. Or it might not.

But that is missing the point. We do this simply because we need to, for ourselves. If we end up changing the world, so be it, but that should never become the focus.

3. Yes, "X" is a creative calling.

Just as a painter musters up his creative strength to create a masterpiece, so must a plumber use his creativity to come up with solutions to fix a leak. As a writer must wander through the halls of his mind to find the words he seeks, so an accountant must often do to make the numbers work. Like a musician often returns to his past to remember why he started, as does a fledgling entrepreneur starting a business.

Because creativity has no limits.

From a young age, we are taught that certain vocations or careers involve creativity, while others don't. This is simply not true. A real estate agent is as much involved in the business of creativity as is a dancer. A police officer and a classical musician. An insurance salesman and a poet. A farmer and a photographer.

The point is this: creating and thus, creativity, cannot be limited or restricted to anyone's ideas about it. It knows no bounds. It refuses boxes. So if you're wondering if what you do is creative, the answer is yes. And if you haven't found out why just yet, keep looking.

So go, create. You will come alive in creating, because you were born for it.

Practical Next Steps

Identify the areas of your life where you are thriving creatively, and also the areas where there is lack. Ask yourself, "How can I engage the creative side of myself more often?" One way to do this, as the incredible author Liz Gilbert says, is to follow your wonder. Follow what you are curious about, what inspires you, what makes you wonder. Follow those things, and see what you end up with.

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