9 Signs of Someone Who is Fully Alive (And How You Can Get There Too)

Fully. Alive.

What do those words mean to you? Who in your life represents someone who is fully alive? What character traits do they display? How do they think, look, talk, live?

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I think we all have different definitions of what fully alive looks like. But I know this one thing: we don't have enough people who have come fully alive in their lives. And we need more of them. Because fully alive people are the ones changing the world. They are the ones taking the risks, doing the work, making a difference, making the world brighter and better with their existence.

Too many of us are sleep-walking through life, passive and uninspired. We are always busy, but never accomplishing anything. The hamster-wheel of life, the rat race, the pressures of everyday life have consumed us on this high speed race to nowhere. It's time to awaken the giant within.

Today, I’m going to define what being fully alive looks like to me. Add your thoughts in the comments section below the article if I missed any points.

1. Has a deep sense of purpose

A fully alive person knows that they have an important calling on their life. They know they have a purpose and a destiny, a critical part to play in the story of the universe. They believe they are born for greatness. They believe they are born to win.

This calling is what enables them to get up in the morning with a smile on their face and a determination to "go about their business" of working towards their calling. They have an infallible confidence in knowing that their calling is unique, important, and needed in the world.

They know their strengths and talents, and they steward those gifts to do the work that is required of them.

2. Always wakes up on the right side of bed

Someone who is fully alive is fully in charge of their outlook on life. They always wake up on the right side of the bed and choose to have a positive attitude. They know that happiness is an inside job. They know that whatever is happening on the outside - whether it's good or bad - doesn't have the power to change their level of happiness.

3. Has deep roots in family and friends

He fully believes that people are the most important thing in this life. He places the utmost importance on family and friends. He invests in them, choosing to be generous with his time and resources, knowing that generosity is one the keys to a rich life.

A fully alive person doesn't have many shallow relationships with the people in his life. He sows deep roots in every relationship that he values. He doesn't go a mile wide and inch deep in community, but rather he does the opposite. He has true friends, those who would die for him. He is loyal.

4. Is a risk-taker (lives on the edge)

Those who are fully alive know that a part of being fully alive involves doing things that involve risk. Because when there is no risk or threat of danger in our lives, we grow complacent and stagnant, and growth cannot occur in complacency. Part of the growth process lies in taking risks.

The fully alive person knows that a sheltered life lived in complete safety and security, free from any risk, is a tasteless, mediocre life which no one ought to desire or seek out. The best life one can live is when you don't know what's going to happen next, when you can be okay with leaping when it's scary, and when you can learn to embrace the uncomfortable feeling of living on the edge.

5. Lives true to his identity

Fully alive people are comfortable in their own skin. They don't constantly worry about what other people are thinking about them, because they know who they are.

They know that who they are doesn't come from what they do or what people say about them - but it comes from deep inside, a calm knowing that they are worthy of love simply be being themselves. There is no performance attached to their identity. Perfection is not in their vocabulary. They have no need to please people in order to get love. But they can just be themselves.

Fully alive people are empowered to embrace their inner weirdness. They are okay with their flaws. They love all the quirky, unique aspects of their personality. They live true to themselves.

6. Is doing work he loves (but isn't consumed by it)

Fully alive people connect their work to their life purpose. Fully alive people love what they do. This doesn't mean they don't have off-days and hard seasons of work, but because they connected their work to their purpose, that purpose gives them a vision that gives them the endurance and motivation to keep going when they encounter the rough patches.

Now, while these folks love their work, they know that there is much more to life than work. They know that work is meant to enable them to have abundant resources in order to fulfill their calling and spend time on what matters most: the people in their lives. 

7. Doesn’t waste his breath complaining

A fully alive person is intentional about not complaining. He knows that complaining doesn't solve any situation, and negative statements won't help fix and problem. The fully alive person would rather spend time thinking about ways to fix what's wrong, and then take action on that plan than waste his breath on complaining about it. 

He knows that a positive attitude is contagious; the opposite is true for a negative attitude. Actions are always better than words, especially if the words are negative and critical.

8. Lives from a place of joy

This might be the most important point on this list.  The fully alive person knows how to connect with their inner child-like joy and how to release it. He knows that a life without joy isn't a life at all. A fully alive person also knows when it's time to play, and how to play.

The fully alive person isn't afraid of being a little bit silly and crazy at times, because no one wants to be friends with a stuck-up person. No one.

9. Is emotionally healthy and self-aware

Self awareness is this: the ability to know what is going on inside of you at all times. The fully alive person is self-aware. He is NOT self-conscious at all. There is a huge difference. But he is self-aware.

He knows how to connect with his heart. He knows when he is lacking connection, and when he needs alone time. He knows what his feelings and emotions are telling him at all times, and he knows that he has needs that need to be met and how they need to be met.

Being self-aware is harder than we might think. That's why we need mentors and best friends who will point out our blind spots, and call us out on our crap. Self reflection is important, but inspection by others is absolutely crucial.

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Practical Next Steps

Identify the points on this list that you are strong in, as well as the ones you are weaker in. Make it a point to intentionally work on your weaknesses this week. Take some small steps to get you started on the journey to becoming fully alive.

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