8 Practical, Useful Resources I'm Using to Grow My Mind

The bottom line of everything I do is to inspire hope that leads to action. In my life, in my writings, in my pictures, everything I do is geared towards inspiring people to hope and dream again. But not only to dream, to take practical, everyday steps towards realizing those dreams. 

The two ends of the spectrum I'm pushing against are the massive, scary dreams on one end, and the tiny, detailed action steps needed to accomplish those dreams on the other. Today, I'm listing a few practical resources that focus on a bit of both.

Below, you'll find a list of resources that will help grow your mind today. Some of them focus on the visionary, massive dreams part of the philosophy, and some are geared towards actionable steps for today.

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Sidenote: If you take advantage of these resources, and dig deep into them, your life will change for the better. There is no "maybe", your life will change. But are you willing to learn is a question you should ask yourself before you ignore these. These have changed my life, and I fully stand behind them.

Listening Resources

1. Zig Ziglar on being happy. (video)

This is a great resource to listen to over and over again. Listen to it 5, 10, 100 times and let it soak into your mind. One listen isn't enough to absorb all the information and insane truths Zig drops in the video. You can never get enough Zig.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk on creating a great life. (video)

I found this recently, and it got me fired up (like Gary usually does). Fired up about life, about doing what makes me happy, about being real, and about creating a frickin' awesome life. The first 20 minutes or so of the video are the best. Don't miss this.

3. Zig Ziglar on setting life-changing goals. (video)

Goals might seem boring, but Zig has a way of making them exciting and extremely practical. I'm guessing that by now you've given up your New Year's Resolutions. Why? Because they don't work. But goals do. Set some today.

4. A list of seven fantastic business/leadership Podcasts. (podcasts)

This is my own list of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I've gotten so much value out of listening to podcasts while at work or on road trips. Because you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, podcasts are a great way to make sure those 5 are great people.

Reading Resources

5. "Clouds and Dirt" article by Gary Vaynerchuk (article)

This is one of my favorite articles, and it speaks to the dynamic I tried to explain in the beginning of this article. It's a simple, yet powerful philosophy for approaching life.

6. 10 of my all-time favorite books. (books)

My own list of some of my favorite books, though there are far more than just 10 that have changed who I am today. If you want personalized book recommendations, send me a quick email.

7. Brilliant recommendations from Dale Partridge. (books)

Dale has a brilliant list of books, and you should read every one of them. I've read many of them, and am planning on reading all of them when I can. A good book will change more than just your life.

8. "Essentialism" (book)

I read this book by Greg McKeown about once a year, usually around spring time. I'm on my fourth read of it at the moment, and there isn't a chapter in there that doesn't convict me of some bad habit or lack of focus in different areas of my life every time I read through it. It's that good. It's changed how I spend my time, where I put my energy, and what I consider important many times over, and I think it will do the same for you.

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Practical Next Steps

This is the hardest, yet most important category. What am I doing everyday to realize the dreams inside of me?

I'll let you fill this in for your own life. Dream, then do.

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