How To Trust Even When Your Life Feels Out of Control

Sometimes we can’t see what the future will look like, and that’s a scary thing. When we don’t know what tomorrow will hold. When our life feels out of control and we are powerless to do anything about it. That's a scary place to be in if you are a type A driver/control freak like me. Can you relate to this feeling of helplessness?

Because us humans love to feel secure and in control. It's natural, and it's not a bad thing. We love to have "job security." But when this need for control starts to control us, that's a warning sign for several things:

  • our identity isn't firmly grounded
  • we tend to try to do it all ourselves on our own strength and willpower
  • we have a pride issue where we refuse to ask for help from other people
  • we don't trust that our life will turn out for the best

| But here’s the thing: it’s okay to not know what tomorrow holds.

It's okay to not hold all the answers. It's okay to be uncertain. It's okay to not have life all figured out. It's okay to not know what we're doing with our lives. It's okay.

Developing into the person who can fully lean into and live out these truths takes time, patience, and lots of trust. But it's all worth it, because life is more awesome when we aren't striving for control.

The need for control halts ALL forward momentum.

We must develop the maturity to be able to rely on other people, to ask for help, and to bury pride in the backyard.

Some days, all that is required of us is that we put one foot in front of the other. We don’t need to know where it is that we’re going, just that it will be the right place and it will be good. When we release our need for control, we open ourselves up to opportunities that we otherwise would have missed.

In the moments when we feel like we need to tighten our grip on the reins of our life, those are the moments we need to position ourselves in a place of surrender and trust. As uncomfortable and awkward as it feels at times, this place of surrender, I think, is a place where we often receive incredible inspiration, ideas, and direction for our life.

Surrender and trust are critical for making our highest possible contribution to the world.

So the next time we feel like trying to control a situation or circumstance in our lives, let's do this instead: relax. Surrender. And trust that it's going to turn out awesome. 

Let's ask for help from our friends and neighbors when we don't feel like it. Let's take a trip to the backyard to bury our old friend, pride. Let's learn to be okay with not knowing what the heck we're doing. 

We're all in this together.

Practical Next Steps

I invite you to go on this journey of trusting with me. Let's keep our eyes open for opportunities to practice this. Stay positive when given the opportunity to partner with a negative thought. Reach out for help from a trusted friend or family member. Don't go it alone anymore. We all need each other.

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