7 Podcasts That Will Change How You Think

As the year comes to a close, I'm reminiscing on what changed me the most in 2016. From the books I've read (here is a list), to the people I've learned from, to the experiences that made me a better man, all this helps me better prepare for the new year.

Because progress you don't measure doesn't exist. In order to make next year even more awesome, going over what we've done so far this year helps us understand what works and what doesn't, and what we can do better in 2017. Setting new goals and raising the bar on what we've done this year allows us to keep growing and becoming the best possible brother, friend, son, and businessmen we can be. 

And part of this extreme growth comes from listening to very smart people, and learning from their lives. More specifically, this can come from listening to podcasts. I devoured podcasts this year, listening to them while working, on road trips, and every chance I got. I estimate that I listened to 150-200 podcast episodes this calendar year. 

Here are seven podcasts that will change how you think and live in 2017

1. StartupCamp with Dale Partridge

There is perhaps no man who has changed me more than Dale Partridge has. His thinking on leadership, on family, and on business has fundamentally shaped me in how I think and act. If you want to gain a more wholesome outlook on doing life the right way, start here. You will walk away a changed person.

2. The EntreLeadership Podcast

Run by Dave Ramsey's brilliant team, this is a multi-faceted podcast of interviews with the brightest minds in business and leadership. Learn from leaders in every field, from authors to parents to small town entrepreneurs and to CEOs of multi-million dollar companies. If you're looking for a one-stop shop to learn about business, this is the place you need to be.

3. The Liberation Project: A Movement for Manhood

This is an in-your-face, no holds barred podcast about masculinity, manhood, and identity. But make no mistake, it is an incredible resource for both men and women to listen to. Hear Justin Stumvoll and Blair Reynolds have in-depth, thought-provoking conversations about manhood: about what makes us come alive, where we have failed, and what we can do to become more alive in culture today. Bring a box of tissues, because this podcast gets real, raw, and vulnerable. A must-listen for anyone who wants to do anything with their life.

4. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss has interviewed almost anyone you can think of. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tony Robbins to Jamie Foxx, and many more. Tim describes his job as extracting the tools, processes, secrets, and habits of top performers in sports, business, and just life in general. And he does just that with long-form, 1-3 hour interview with some of the most incredible guests on the planet. I highly recommend picking up his best-selling book The Four Hour Workweek as well if you haven't already.

5. Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

If you need some good news and hope in your life, look no further than the aptly-named Sounds Good with Branden Harvey podcast. Branden has the goofiest hair on the planet, and an even goofier, but quite beautiful personality. His mission is to spread hope and good news wherever he goes by interviewing people who have done incredible things, and gone through incredible struggles in life. I don't agree with all his personal viewpoints, but there is no doubt that he making a positive difference in this world today.

6. Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller

For all the branding and marketing geeks out there like me, this podcast is a bit of heaven. Donald Miller has written some incredible books, one of which I mentioned in this blog, but he also has a very successful business teaching other businesses how to simplify their brand messaging to reach more customers. And with the StoryBrand podcast, he breaks all that down in simple, yet mind-blowing terms. Just with this podcast alone, I have taken my understanding of marketing, branding, and advertising to a whole new level, and have taken my own website and marketing materials to a much higher level of excellence.

7. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a brilliant interviewer. And in the The School of Greatness, he brings you interviews from the best minds in all different walks of life. From athletes to artists to authors and business owners, Lewis brings you inside the minds of people who personify Greatness. This is a fun listen, so the next time you have a road trip coming up, load a few episodes up and prepare to unleash your inner greatness.

Practical Next Steps

Start listening to a podcast or two that sticks out to you - listed here or not. Absorb what you listen to, and let it filter into your everyday life. Make it a habit to throw on a podcast instead of listening to music when you're at the gym, at work, or on the road. The next time you go to turn on the radio in your car, plug in your phone instead and listen to a podcast or two. Watch how it affects your life in a positive way.

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