Five Secrets For Ridiculous, Contagious Favor In Life

There's something crazy that's been happening in my life in recent weeks. I am encountering ridiculous favor and incredible opportunities. I'm meeting amazing people, and walking through doors that I never thought I would.

It's wild. It's fun. It's really, really awesome.

Now let me try to explain how it works.

When you look at a celebrity, a wealthy person, or someone with a big platform for influence, most of them they didn't get to where they are because of luck or happenstance or because they had a sugar daddy. 

They got to where they are because deep down, they believed that they would make it. They believed that they were destined to reach great heights. They believed.

This offends many of us who have a poverty mentality. We'd much rather like to believe that those influential people got to where they are because they won the lottery or had everything handed to them. 

Wealth often offends the small-minded.

I remember that I used to think this way. The thinking that one day my ship would come in, someone would hand me a million dollars, and I'd live the rest of my life on the beach sipping pina coladas.

But now I know without a shadow of a doubt that this way of thinking is bullshit. It can only serve to harm me and squash my potential and calling.

This post attempts to answer the question of "What is favor and how do we increase it in our lives?" Here is my definition of favor:

A presence on our lives that brings increase, opportunity, and good things that we couldn't manufacture or bring about on our own strength.

Here are 5 "secrets" to fulfilling your calling, living highly favored, and changing the world.

1. We become what we believe

We become what we believe! I have never been more convinced of that truth than I am right now. 

It's the secret to an incredible life filled with wonder and adventure and dreams being fulfilled. Belief has the power to physically change us. 

| When we come into agreement with the truth about who we are, something shifts in the atmosphere.

Belief naturally attracts good things. Favor, opportunities, and connections. It's incredible to watch. 

What we believe about ourselves will manifest in our thoughts and actions.

If we believe we are nothing but a piece of crap, we will eventually start to act like a piece of crap. If we believe that we are like royalty, we will eventually start to act like royalty.

A Wealth mindset leads to a wealthy life.

It's undeniable. I've watched the transformation take place in my life. From a place of subconsciously hating myself, to falling in love with who I am. Yes, it sounds weird, but it works.

I physically look better, more alive, more attractive. The sparkle in my eye is visible to those around me. My posture is better. Rather than walking through life with my shoulders slouched, now I stand straight up, confident in who I am. And people can see that.

Belief leads to confidence, which leads to favor.

I'm attracting people to me who see who I am and what I carry. I've become like a magnet to opportunity and open doors.

It's incredible to watch, and the crazy thing is that this favor is available freely to anyone, including you!

You just have to choose to believe that you are worthy.

2. Steward the small things and you will be given bigger

How do we increase in favor?

We steward what we have - no matter how much that is - as well as we possibly can, and in return for managing that well, we are given more to steward.

For a practical example, look at a job.

If we start at the bottom and want to move up in the job, we must perform our work with a high level of excellence. We must add value to our employer. We should go above and beyond in serving the company and employer, even if the work is menial and hard.

"The humble are promoted when it is time. How do you humble yourself? You must take the lowest position in the room." - Tim Davis

We can't expect to receive a promotion if we are complaining about our job or doing sloppy work. We must behave like we have the promotion before we are ever promoted. We steward what we have with excellence and a humble attitude, and what employer doesn't want to reward that?

This is how it works in so many different facets of life. Good stewardship leads to an increase in favor.

3. Thankfulness attracts opportunity

Simply be being thankful, we attract good things. I've written about this concept countless times in the past (here is one example) because I love gratitude so much!

The thing is this: thankfulness changes us. It changes how we think and how we live. It breeds positivity. It breeds hope.

| Hopeful people are attractive people!

And hopeful people are attractive! It's really true. 

Whenever I start to complain or worry about something in my life, I try to catch myself and then express gratitude. Gratitude for the simple things. For the big things. 

Gratitude changes the atmosphere around us and attracts opportunities to our doorsteps.

4. Find your people to love and your calling will follow

Most days I worry about figuring out what my purpose and calling is. But I'm learning to stop worrying, and to start loving.

Because the truth is this: every single person on the planet is called to love others. That's one truth we'll never escape. So I say, why not start there? It's simple enough that anyone can start right where they are, right now.

Don't spend your life trying to fulfill your calling; spend it loving people and your calling will fall into place. 

I learned another hint about calling from Wm. Paul Young, author of The ShackHe says this profound statement: "Your calling is to be fully yourself."


This takes the pressure off of us. It cancels the unspoken, self-imposed deadline for finding our calling we often make up. And we can go about our business of finding out what it means to be fully alive and fully ourselves.

5. Excellence breeds favor

There is something about doing work with excellence that attracts favor.

When a craftsman is meticulously crafting his next masterpiece, he places a little piece of his soul in the work. A photographer shows up in his pictures. An interior designer's heart comes out in his designs. 

It's part of the process. And in doing things with excellence, with our whole heart, something magical happens. We attract favor.

There is a massive difference between perfectionism and excellence. I recommend you read this and this for more on perfectionism.

Perfectionism destroys creativity, but excellence invites it.

When we create ugly things, it causes distrust with the people we are trying to reach. But beautiful things designed with excellence create trust.

Are you putting your heart and soil into your work, what you are called to do?

Practical Next Steps

Ask yourself "How am I stewarding what I have been given?" How can you do a better job at stewarding? And do life with a heart of continual thankfulness. It will change how you think, believe, and live.

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Remember, life is short, make it awesome!