Why We Can Never Stop Dreaming Wild Dreams

Dreams are the air we breathe. Without them, we are nothing. They are the fuel to our days, what keeps us going. There is no meaning without dreams.

And there is something different about people who are following their passions and fighting for their dreams. Something beautiful that you can smell and feel. That’s what I want my life to be like.

Never stop chasing after your dreams..

The world needs you and your dreams. Never stop fighting for them. Don’t starve us of your gift, don’t hold back what you were meant to give.

If you're thinking about launching a business, launch it.

If you're thinking about switching careers and pursuing your passion, do it.

If you're thinking about going on a world tour, go ahead and travel.

We are longing for people who have come fully alive through chasing their dreams, and whatever that looks like for me and you, we need to run after that and make those dreams a reality. Of course, dreams by themselves don’t get anything done.

It’s action, combined with massive dreaming, that changes the world.

One of my favorite quotes is by Sarah Ban Breathnach, who once said, “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”

Below are a few practical things you can do to enlarge your dreams and work on making them a reality

1. Give yourself permission.

The first step to dreaming big, is to give yourself permission to do that. Be okay with being a dreamer. Be okay with dreaming big, impossible dreams. Be okay with not knowing if everything will work out in the end. Be okay with the uncertainty that comes along with massive dreams.

Don’t be afraid of dreaming big. But enjoy the new hope you will discover as you go on this journey. Because dreaming gives us hope, and without hope, we are nothing. Dreams and hope go hand-in-hand, as it's very hard to have one without the other.

Enjoy your new hope.

2. Get less busy.

Dreaming is hard if we’re always busy. Without space to think and just be, we can't dream. Create that space in your life.

Whether it's taking a day every week to just think, or taking a vacation, or setting aside time every morning or night to sit still. Make it a habit.

3. Stay away from the middle.

Gary Vaynerchuk advocates a philosophy that I wholeheartedly agree with: he says to only focus on the clouds and the dirt. The clouds, meaning dreaming, casting vision, setting goals. The dirt, meaning getting down in the trenches of your work, the nitty gritty details, and making stuff happen. And ignore everything in the middle, the things between the clouds and dirt that just don't matter.

And the truth is, most things don't matter.

Practical Next Steps

Write down 25 dreams on a piece of paper. This is a simple practice to allow yourself to dream again, to crack open the bucket, and let the dreamer within out. Don't think too much as you're writing these; write down big dreams, small dreams; write down dreams that have been fulfilled, and dreams that you have for the future.

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Remember, life is short, make it awesome.