The First Two Weeks

First Two Weeks Blog Post


So much has happened in the past two weeks since I've started school. As a friend put it, "It's like drinking from a hurricane." 

I'm not sure where to start. My Revival Group (60+ students) is amazing. I've been able to connect and hang out with some incredible people, and am so looking forward to the community that is being built here. 

I've had a lot of things come up in my heart already - things that are messy and no fun to live with - but I'm learning to extend grace towards myself and let me be loved right where I'm at. 

No matter how ugly and messy it looks like. I'm letting myself receive love like I never have. It's hard often, but I'm learning that I cannot earn a love that is freely given. 

I'm learning more about who I am, by learning more about who God is. I am a direct reflection of my perception of Him. I've had a pretty messed up view of God for most of my life, so there is lots of healing to go through there. 

Lots going on, most of it fun, some of it heavy, but I've never been more excited and expectant about my life. I can't for the rest of this year. 

Chris, Joshua, and Nicolas from my Revival Group

Chris, Joshua, and Nicolas from my Revival Group

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