Stuff You Did

Ideas are worthless, action is everything.

The goal for this page is for it to be a simple resource that you can visit any time you want to be inspired to DO. When you want to take action, to launch, to create, to try, to do. Start here.

Whether it's a business venture, blog, online store, journal, gym class, new habit, etc. Anything that goes beyond an idea and requires action.

Send your short story (2-4 sentences) of what you've done - no matter how simple - to with your First Name, Where You're From, and Favorite Author OR Favorite Book. I'll put you on here.

Started Playing Violin

"I had been wanting to play the violin for a long time, and a couple months ago I finally quit procrastinating and signed up for lessons. Now it's an everyday choice to stay committed and keep working on it. It definitely isn't always easy and comes with very frustrating moments but its been completely amazing!! Challenging myself makes me feel alive and I'm in love with it."

Name: Doris Where: Shipshewana, Indiana Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis

Started a Business

"While living our dream to attend Bible school for a year my wife and I had an opportunity to take on a woodworking business. Knowing little about the ins and outs of business we jumped in head first. Being a lifetime student of business and woodworking is sometimes frustrating, but we've found that patience, endurance, and prayer always puts us in God's most life giving path."

Name: Andrew Where: Libby, MT Favorite Author: Frank Peretti

Completed Online Course

"I knew that when I graduated highschool, I wanted to start getting in the routine of which I will live the rest of my adult life. I prayed a lot. I started a 30 Day online Bootcamp by Dani Johnson mentoring entrepreneurs and finished it. I have a lot more to learn, to read, and habits to attain, but here are my first steps!!"

Name: Marika Where: Redding, CA Favorite Author: God

Released an EP

"I wanted to make this EP/album to make people feel something; something beyond inspiration. I wanted people to access their emotions...maybe even ones they didn't want to access."

Name: LYSS Where: Redding, California Link:

Wrote a Book

"I intended to write a book for years. Last year in my 40th year, I finally took the plunge and wrote my story; ' She Speaks' Breaking The Silence of Shame. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but it was also the best thing I've ever done. I'm looking forward to it being published in February or March of this year."

Name: Kate Where: Alliance, Ohio Favorite Author: Brene Brown & Donald Miller

Started a Business

"When I was 18 I started becoming passionate about learning, specifically about business and becoming an entrepreneur. I didn't know what to do and I was making some YouTube videos so I developed some skill with videography and editing. Then that lead to making videos for other people and starting a video marketing business."

Name: Jeriah Where: Libby, Montana Favorite Author: Napoleon Hill

Started A Blog

"I knew I wanted to write, and that I was decent at doing it, but I pushed off creating a blog because it seemed so hard. I was lazy. But I pushed myself to do it, and I can say it's one of the best decisions I've made in the past year."

Name: Japheth Where: Redding, California Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis