05: A No B.S. Overview Of Emotional Health

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In this episode, I give a hard-hitting intro or overview of Emotional Health. Take notes, because I'm not messing around.

I cover:

  • Connecting to your emotions and processing through them

  • Sitting in your pain instead of running from it

  • Inviting people into our messes (our crap)

  • Choosing to run to love instead of shame

Are you ready to find healing in your emotions? Then saying "yes" to this journey is the wisest decision you can make - it won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Additional Resources

The Feeling Wheel

Download and refer to this graphic often for help in learning to identify your emotions.

Feelings Wheel.jpg

Below are links to two of my favorite podcasts. The Liberation Project, specifically, has played a huge role in my healing and in me getting connected to my heart. Take a listen today.

The Liberation Project Podcast - Listen Here

The Connected Life Podcast - Listen Here

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