06: What If Being More Childlike Makes Us Better People? (with Brandon Walden)

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In this episode, I sit down with a very special guest, Brandon Walden, to talk about why being childlike makes us better - specifically, as men but it applies to everyone. We cover a variety of topics - from what a good father looks like, to how to pursue mentors, to the different aspects of being childlike and how that makes us better people.

Three of the traits we discussed are humility, authenticity, and a growth mentality - listen now to get to the good stuff!

More of what we covered:

  • Fighting the lie of “I don’t belong here”

  • How to intentionally pursue mentors “Maybe this person has something that I can learn from”

  • What if being childlike makes you a better man?

  • Being dependent

  • Asking for help

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