13: Finding Your Why: Discovering Purpose in Your Passions (with Andrew Eriksen)

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In this episode, I have an incredible conversation with Andrew Eriksen about finding your why and discovering your purpose. Andrew is a successful businessman, devout learner, and husband and father to 3 children.

This episode will help you find your personal why and give you some practical tools to get there. Andrew also shares his gift of wisdom on the topics of dating, marriage, and having a plan for anything that you’re doing. You’ll walk away inspired and fired up to chase even harder after your dreams!

Points from this episode:

  • Value what you have to say

  • Money won’t satisfy you

  • Don’t quit your job without a plan

  • If you think you’re really humble, you might not be

  • You don’t need to do good things in order to be somebody

  • Align your present actions with your future goals

  • Don’t wait until your number is called (in dating, business, family, etc)

  • You can find purpose within your passions

  • Prepare for marriage by reading books on it, attending conferences, being proactive

  • Decide to be a giver and investor in people, not a taker or trader

Books Andrew mentioned:

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren

Developing the Leader Within You - John Maxwell

Winning With People - John Maxwell

Today Matters - John Maxwell

The 5 Love Languages - Dr. Gary Chapman

Warren Buffett biography

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